Still of the Evening by Trialia
Summary: Maybe this is all that matters. Roslin/Adama.
Categories: Battlestar Galactica (2003) Characters: Bill 'Husker' Adama, Laura Roslin
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 211 Read: 5580 Published: August 19, 2008 Updated: August 19, 2008
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Cara beta-read, but said it needed nothing - ILU HONEY! Spoilers for Sine Qua Non and vaguely for The Hub, but only to those who know what they are. Written May 28, 2008.

1. Still of the Evening by Trialia

Still of the Evening by Trialia
They’ve been up all night, tired as they are. Talking, kissing, just taking in the sight of each other like each is trying to memorise every feature of the other’s face and body, with every sense possible. There’s a slow, content smile on his face, and she’s fully aware that it’s more than likely she’s been the only one to see that particular look in his eyes since his sons were babies. It’s gentle, quiet, and she knows without having to ask that there is love there, though he’s told her, now, and she him.

His arms are around her shoulders; her head is resting, hair tangled, on his chest, and his legs are entwined with hers. They’re closer than they have ever been, even on New Caprica, nothing more than a nightgown and boxers between them; and likely not even that by morning, Laura reflects peacefully.

It’s good to be home; to be holding each other in his bed; to know and at last acknowledge that yes, they are in love, and have been all along.

If this is it for the rest of her life, Laura is sure it will be enough.

This love is all that matters.

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