Limited by Trialia
Summary: He's afraid for her, for a moment. (Mac/Stella, spoilers for 'Pay Up' and 'Epilogue'.)
Categories: CSI: New York Characters: Danny Messer, Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera
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Beta-read by Samantha (spy_master_cs).

1. Limited by Trialia

Limited by Trialia

Fear is an emotion Mac Taylor has only seen rarely in the face of Stella Bonasera. She's tough; almost too tough, sometimes. She's almost as much of a workaholic as he admits to being, and passionate about it.

To be afraid for her is a thing that, again, hardly ever happens for more than a moment. He's still a Marine at heart, after all - he doesn't let fear stop him.

Right now? He's more frightened for her than he's ever been.

But when she lifts her head from where she lies, face-down on the floor among broken glass, her eyes - horrified and fearful, so deep a green - somehow reassure him.

She's alive. She's not hurt. She's been scared out of her mind for a minute, but she'll be okay.

He wants to sweep her up in his arms and never let her go. The ache in his chest frustrates him, just for a moment. They hold each other's eyes. She doesn't see it.

The world crashes in.

She may not be hurt, but Danny-- There's no time for them in this.

He knows he'll revisit it, later. He'll dream about it, probably a nightmare and not the first he'll have had involving her, though not the first good dream either, if it is that. But not now.

There's no time. There never is.


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