Dizzy Infinite by Trialia
Past Featured StorySummary: Adora makes Moist dizzy...
Categories: Discworld - Terry Pratchett Characters: Adora Belle Dearheart, Moist von Lipwig
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Story Notes:
Written for thefannishwaldo's Valentine's story tree 2011. (Story tree: the first word of a story must be the last word of the one that precedes it. In this case, "love".)

Not beta-read - my first Discworld story. TV adaptation timeline.

1. Dizzy Infinite by Trialia

Dizzy Infinite by Trialia
Love really might be all it's cracked up to be. He's thought about it before, but he didn't really understand it 'til now. At least, he doesn't think so.

He's still a bit dizzy, amazed he can walk after that kiss - their first proper kiss - let alone keep up with Spike all the way out of the Patrician's office, which he's done so far, though awkwardly. He knows she's noticed.

Hard not to know it, with that beautiful smirk playing round the corners of her mouth. Oh yes, she knows.

"Do try to keep up, won't you?" Her eyes are still alight, whatever she might say. And the layers of meaning in that sentence...

The smirk makes him want to kiss her again (though he'd never wanted to stop). And again, and again, and never stop doing it unless it's to put his mouth somewhere else on Adora's skin, and he'd better stop thinking about that or they really won't make it to anywhere more secluded before he loses control and grabs her back for just one more kiss (which won't, clearly, be just one more at all). Lust is one thing; this is so much more potent than he'd ever thought it could be.

He's being silly again. He knows it, so he doesn't say what he's thinking. He's probably said all there is to say, up there on the gallows, waiting for death or a last reprieve. But if it takes them much longer to get back to the Golem Trust... Well, he might be lucky she's got nerves of steel, after all.

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