Dancing On Wire by Trialia
Summary: "Hold on to me."
Categories: CSI: New York Characters: Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera
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Beta-read by Sara and Carolina. Written May 30, 2010.

1. Dancing On Wire by Trialia

Dancing On Wire by Trialia
Hands, arms clinging together, inseparably tight. They need to be.

"I love you."

"Do you mean...?"

"I don't say things I don't mean. You know that."

"Hold on to me. I won't let you fall."

"I fell a long time ago, you know."

A pause. A shoulder straining under the weight of another body. A breathless response.

"How long?"

"Long enough."

A shudder. A small sound that could be a whimper. Slipping fingers.

"Oh, God, don't let go!"

A swallowed gasp.


Running footsteps nearby. All the breath that's left goes into one last yell.

"Over here!"

Help, at last. Pulling, heaving, a weight, almost nothing, still far too heavy for anyone to hold by one hand for too long. Up over the edge.


Gulping breaths. A cradling hug while they wait for the paramedics to arrive.

"I love you too."

A shaky laugh. A brief kiss.

"I know."

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