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Past Featured Story"I wish you were here." Mac/Stella.
Categories: CSI: New York; Characters: Claire Conrad Taylor, Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera;
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Published: January 01, 2011 Updated: January 01, 2011
Story Notes:Written for weird_fin in Yuletide 2010. Beta-read by Elanya (measured_words), Franzi (franzeska) and Llwyden. Spoilers through season 4 "The Thing About Heroes". Contains violence.

1. Central Park at Dusk by Trialia [Reviews - 0] (3417 words)
Remember me as I was then;
Turn from me now, but always see
The laughing shadowy girl who stood
At midnight by the flowering tree,
With eyes that love had made as bright
As the trembling stars of the summer night.
Turn from me now, but always hear
The muted laughter in the dew
Of that one year of youth we had,
The only youth we ever knew—
Turn from me now, or you will see
What other years have done to me.

Sara Teasdale, Central Park at Dusk