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If this were the last touch of your hand in mine, I think my heart would break, right here. And either way, you will run.
Categories: Original Fiction and Poetry, Sanctuary; Characters: Helen Magnus;
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Published: January 01, 2011 Updated: January 01, 2011
Story Notes:Written for Snow and fallbright in Yuletide 2010. Beta-read by Alianne, Aurafina, Brandie, Geonn and Sachi.

Inspired by the Vienna Teng song The Last Snowfall, as per the two Inland Territory requests it's written to fill. It started out as something to directly fulfil one of the two requests, and became something...else and more. The title is a quotation from You, Andrew Marvell by Archibald MacLeish.

Obviously, if you know both fandoms, it is alternate-future for Sanctuary. Please feel free to put on it whatever interpretation you like; that's how it's meant to be, and is why my narrator, though female, is not listed as such in the actual story.

1. Upon Earth's Noonward Height by Trialia [Reviews - 0] (1941 words)